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Surname Researcher
Adams Bob
Adkins Bob
Alden Priscilla
Allen Lilli
Anderson Carroll Cousin
Anderson Lilli
Armstrong Mary
Arnold Lilli
Arrasmith Bryson Cousin
Auxier Ronnie

Bailey Bob
Becker Lilli
Bermond Mary
Bieri Judith
Bird Ronnie
Black Richard
Blakely Bryson Cousin
Blankership Ronnie
Bodenhausen Judith
Bledsoe Angeline
Boydston Bob
Boyer Ronnie
Boyer Mary
Bremde Lilli
Bretz Karen
Brown Bryson Cousin
Brown Robert
Brownlee Mary
Brumfield Mary
Burke J Quinn
Burke, Earl E Herbie
Burnett Dan Morgan
Burris Bryson Cousin

Cain Linda
Carroll Carroll Cousin
Carroll Richard
Carroll (in KS) Judith
Casteel Margaret
Childers Holly
Chumbley Robert
Clapsaddle Lilli
Clark Jackie
Clary Jene
Cole Deann
Comer Margaret
Corcoran Pat
Cordrey Pat
Corn Karen
Corwin Margaret
Cox Sharon
Cox Bob
Creason Dan Morgan
Curley Bryson Cousin

Davies B Anslinger
Davison Ronnie
Dickens Bob
Didlo Holly
Doty Deann
Douglas/Douglass Diana
Drennan Deann
Duncan Bob
Dunford Karen

Eddy Steve Patterson
Engemann (NE KS) Marla
Ewell Bob
Evans Carroll Cousin

Faulkner Ronnie
Ferguson Carol
Fitzwater Marla
Fletchall Ronnie
Fletchall Diana
Foster Jackie
Freeman Mary
Funk Terry

Gardner Jackie
Gardner Angeline
Gass Richard
Gill Pat
Gilmore William
Golledge Bob
Gorman Judith
Grimes Pat
Groenke Judith
Grooms Carol

Hackett Margaret
Hall William
Hall Jackie
Hanke Bryson Cousin
Harber B Anslinger
Harper Richard
Harris Richard
Harshmann Carol
Hart Pat
Hathhorn Marla
Hauser Sandi
Haydon Richard
Hayes Margaret
Hedgbeth/Hedgpeth Bob
Helfery Jackie
Helfrey Angeline
Henderson Bob
Hennigin Mary
Henry Jackie
Henry Angeline
Hill Karen
Hockaday Sharon
Holzhauser Bryson Cousin
Houston Robert
Hughes Marla
Hughes Jackie
Hughes Angeline
Hunter William
Hurst Richard
Hurley Pat

Israel (NE KS) Marla

Jefferies Byron
Jenkins Ronnie
Jennings Terry
Johannes Mary Lou
Jones Bob
Jones Mary

Kellison Mary
Kearnes Holly
Kindred Mary
Kline Marla

Lammers Linda
Langemach Sharon
Lawrence Carol
Leach Angeline
Legg Angeline
Lininger Ronnie
Lisle Deann
Lykins Bob
Lyons Jene
Lysaught J Quinn

Mahoney Pat
Martin Richard
Martin Angeline
Martin Judith
Maupin Bob
Mahan/Mayhan Diana
McClellan Ronnie
McCoy Connie
McCorkle Jackie
McCorkle Angeline
McCue John
McGuire Deann
McKeoune J Quinn
McKissick William
McMahon (in KS) Judith
McManus Pat
McQueen Ronnie
Meadows Bob
Mercer B Anslinger
Mercer Lilli
Merritt Ronnie
Mettler Marla
Milbourn Angeline
Miller Deann
Miller, William A Thomas
Mitchell Bryson Cousin
Mitchell Jackie
Mitchell Angeline
Mize Ronnie
Morgan Dan Morgan
Moody Dan Morgan
Mueller Sandi

Nelson Bob
Nelson Mary
Neylon Rebecca
Noland Richard
Norris Richard

Ogle Karen

Patsy Pat
Patterson Steve Patterson
Phebus Margaret
Pickerel Rebecca
Pittsenbarger/Pitsenbarger/Pittsenbargar Terry
Plotell Raymond
Pohl Bryson Cousin
Poteet William
Potter Angeline
Powell Angeline

Quigley J Quinn
Quinn J Quinn

Raez Sharon
Raez/Ratz Karen
Ratcliff Angeline
Rayhill Marla
Redmond (NE KS) Marla
Reedy Bob
Rhodes Pat
Richardson Jene
Richardson Judith
Ricketts Thomas
Riesenmey Judith
Riggs B Anslinger
Ritchie, Zenobia Karen
Roberts Angeline
Romine Margaret
Ross Richard
Round Margaret
Rowland(s) B Anslinger
Rynn J Quinn
Russell Bryson Cousin

Sallee, William (1823-1907) Bill
Sampson Bob
Schenk Pat
Schick Jene
Searles William
Sells Bryson Cousin
Shields Margaret
Smith Priscilla
Smith J Quinn
Snethen Lilli
Snyder Karen
Spain J Quinn
Spitz Jene
St. John Diana
Steers B Anslinger
Stephens Vivien
Stevenson Mary
Sutton Richard

Tartar Robert
Tate Robert
Teegarden, Job/Rebecca Herbie
Thompson Margaret
Thompson Robert
Thorburn Ronnie
Tinsley Robert
Todd Bob
Toliver Lilli
Toms/Tombs Bob
Townsend Thomas
Tuck Jackie
Tuis Lilli
Turner, Joseph (1797-1871) Bill
Tuschick Sandi

Underwood Bob

VanHorn Linda
Varvel Margaret
Vogel Mary

Wagenknecht (in KS) Judith
Warner Ronnie
Warner Raymond
Warner Sharon
Washington Jane
Weinberg Raymond
Weiss Holly
Whitson William
Wigger Mary
Wilkerson Raymond
Williams Priscilla
Williams B Anslinger
Willis Pamela Montgomery
Wilson B Anslinger
Wilson Carol
Witmer Judith

Country/Area Researcher

Ireland Carroll Cousin
Netherlands Kelly
Wales B Anslinger

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