Database Entry

One of our latest endeavors at the NWMGS is to create a database of all the materials within the library. What does that mean? In short, what we envision is a central place where any researcher can type in a name and the computer will generate a list with the name of the resource, the page number within that resource, and the location within the library. This will greatly reduce the amount of time needed to locate any mention of your ancestor, and give you more time to concentrate on exactly what they were doing.

As you can imagine, this is a huge undertaking! We have thousands of volumes in the library, and every name in every book needs to be entered into the database. This does not take any special computer skills or even knowledge of genealogy. If you can type and are accurate in your entries, we could use your help! Quite a few of these entries can be done from home as well, so you do not need to be physically close to the library in order to help.  Either send us an e-mail or call Connie at 816-233-0524.

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