Newspaper Indexing

One of the most useful public resources is the newspaper. While some of the entries seem mundane, they offer great clues to the researcher. A simple statement such as, "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith visited their son in Kansas City last week." can give the genealogist great clues in regards to the whereabouts of the son and the fact that he was still alive. For someone with a brick wall in front of them, this small mention could be a huge discovery. For this reason the NWMGS is making an effort to index the social happenings of The Catholic Tribune that was published during the late 1800's and into the mid-1900's. We have the microfilm for the newspaper and need assistance transcribing the items into a format fit for publication. If you are willing to spend a little time helping, please let us know!

We are also working on indexing some of the current newspapers in the 9 county area. We are learning that going back to microfilm is a labor intensive project. Why not index the current newspapers NOW, so our grandchildren won't have to? If you have an internet connection and would like to work on current newspapers from your home, we'd like to hear from you as well.

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